atleten commissie TBN



In the autumn of 2023, I was elected for a position within the Athletes Commission of the Dutch Taekwondo Federation (TBN). Ultimately, I was elected, together with Bodine Schoenmakers and Bryan Zonderop, to join the committee's board for a 2-year term. The committee's central objective is to help improve the top sports policy of the TBN from the point of view and the interests of top athletes. Within the board I fulfill the position of chairman. In this capacity, I am very much looking forward to working with the Association to make the sport stronger.


We are reachable through the following e-mail:

Videoshoot Taekwondo



It first started as a nice idea, but it has grown to a beautiful large project.

On Sunday, March 31, the taekwondo shoot took place in the Powerhouse 040 space. The goal was to shoot a story of how we as taekwondo athletes experience the sport from the inside and outside. This has been taken to a higher level by enthusiastic sponsors. In collaboration with 3 athletes from the National selection (me, Joep and Ceyhun), 3 videographers (Tom, Emiel and Rob), photographer Harry (NihonSport) and Powerhouse who facilitated the space, we made it a successful shoot. NihonSport also provided us with the necessary equipment that allowed us to shine even better on screen. Rob brought his drone which resulted in great videos. The video will soon appear online in which we attempt to portray Taekwondo from different perspectives with input from our personal experiences.



Keep an eye on the socials! In the meanwhile, enjoy the small edits of the shoots! 


European Qualification Tournament (for Paris Olympics 2024)




Unfortunately, we didn’t achieve the result we fought and worked so long for. But nevertheless, we gained valuable experience and it was a great honour to fight at this event. 

I would like to thank everyone who supported and believed in me. Especially those who made the olympics a goal for me instead of keeping it just a dream. Since the establishment of the combat centre, we developed and were given the opportunity to raise the bar to a much higher level. 
Thank you @taekwondobond @rotterdamtopsport @rafik_teamnl for this! More and better will follow!

Thank you @nihonsportnederland (@jcalicu_official ) for sponsoring the great equipment!🥋

And also a huge thanks to my sponsors @liferefrom(@mitchelhemmess@toppodo @taekwondoeindhoven for being part of the journey!



Nominatie Wall of Fame Tilburg University

26-02-2024 t/m 08-03-2024


I am proud to announce that I have been nominated by Tilburg University to be included on the university's Wall of Fame to be honored for my academic and sporting achievements. In addition to almost completing my bachelor's degree in Law, it has also been a success on a sporting level in the past period by participating with the highest level of competitions and being part of the Olympic Team!


I would therefore like to thank the University for making it possible for me to combine university studies with my sporting career. Without the support received in recent years (such as an adapted study program), it would never have been possible for me to excel in both careers.


Finally, I call on everyone to vote for me via the link below and let's hope that I can follow in the footsteps of my regional trainer and Olympian Tommy Mollet, who is also on the Wall of Fame of Tilburg University!






Austrian Open 2024 G1



Last weekend we participated on behalf of the Dutch National Team in the Austria Open 2024 with the Olympic Qualifying Team. This was an important event in preparation for the Olympic Qualifying Tournament in March.


I had a free draw for the first match. Then I won the second match against Slovenia, won the Quarter-final against Serbia and then unfortunately lost the Semi-final after a draw in the third round. With this I won the Bronze medal!



Eindhovense Sport Awards



From one Awards to another. As a resident of Eindhoven, I have received an engraved sports medal for my sporting achievements of 2023 (Dutch Champion & Vice-European Champion OWC). We were present with 5 athletes from (region) Eindhoven to collect our sports medals.


In addition, taekwondo icon Roy Kawarmala of the taekwondo association Kawarmala (from Eindhoven) was named as "the volunteer of the year 2023". Mr. Kawarmala was the head coach of my current head coach of Taekwondo Eindhoven and received the honorary title of the 8th Dan degree in 2023. This due to his lifelong contribution to the sport of Taekwondo. This coming summer, the Kawarmala taekwondo association will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Mr. Kawarmala was the first in Eindhoven to introduce Taekwondo to the region, playing an important role in the development of Taekwondo in the region. Now, in 2024, two of the four athletes on the Olympic team who will represent the Netherlands at the Olympic Qualifying Tournament also come from the Eindhoven regional team.


The Sport Awards are always fun gatherings where you meet fellow athletes who pursue their dreams through another sport with the same passion and ambition. Personally, on the one hand, it is always a moment to reflect on what we have achieved in the past year and on the other hand, to look forward to our goals for the coming year.


In short, a successful evening!




Sport Awards Rotterdam



On Friday evening we attended the Rotterdam Sport Awards in the Theater Zuidplein with the (pre-)Olympic team. The evening started with an official kick-off of the '010-on-the-way-to-Paris' project. As athletes, we received a support package from Rotterdam Topsport and its partners/sponsors, which will support us in our preparations in the near future.


One of the partners present was Juicevolution. We had an interesting conversation with the general manager Felipe Homeylev about Sports and Juicevolution. Juicevolution offers drinking juices that are suitable for nutrition-conscious diets for athletes as well as others who want to choose a healthier and more sustainable alternative. For more information, click this link to find out more about this ambitious startup!


Finally, our teammate Riad Bouhmida was nominated for the 'Sports Talent of the Year' Award by winning silver at the European Junior Championships in 2023. As a team we were also present for him to celebrate his nomination. Unfortunately, another athlete was named as the Talent of the Year, although it should be noted that awarding this Award was the most difficult compared to the other Awards. So Riad was very close in winning this award as a nominee.




TCC Friedrichshafen Training Camp 2024



We started 2024 strongly with a 6-day training camp at TCC in Friedrichshafen (Germany). Different teams and athletes from Europe and Africa gathered together to prepare well for the European/African Olympic Qualification Tournament. This camp was an educational and a valuable experience!


This training camp is supported and financed by the Dutch Taekwondo Federation (TBN)



selectie team EQT



On January 4, the Taekwondo Federation announced which athletes have been selected to represent the Netherlands at the European Olympic Qualifying Tournament for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. I am proud to announce that I am one of the selected athletes and will fight in the -58kg category. This event will take place on March 9 and 10 in Sofia (Bulgaria).

The coming period will be all about preparing for this event as optimally as possible. The aim is to obtain the Olympic ticket, which requires reaching the finals in the tournament.


Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to my sporting career to get this far. It is an honor to be where I am now. But the work is not finished yet and we haven't achieved yet what we are really working for!


National Training Camp Rotterdam



The National Training Camp took place at the national selection in Rotterdam from 27 to 30 December. The camp's main focus was to prepare the national team intensively for the new season. In addition, Daniëlle from Rotterdam Topsport attended a training course and experienced our training as a driven team. It was an intensive and very educational camp. Saturday, we ended the training camp with test matches with athletes from the German Team.


This camp was made possible by Rotterdam Topsport, Taekwondo Bond Nederland and SPC Rijnmond.